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Monday, October 8, 2018

Canada Beomaster 8000: Final four capacitors replaced

There are just four remaining capacitors to replace on the Beomaster 8000 from Canada. Two capacitors each on the microcomputer board and the display board.

The microcomputer board on this Beomaster is about as pristine as you will find. No need for any board cleaning on this beauty.

The two capacitors to replace on this board are inside the metal shield box. There is a top piece to the shield box (shown above) and a bottom piece shown here.

The inside of the bottom cover has a paper insulator to keep the metal cover from shorting component leads.

Here is the inside of the box (front and rear)

I will say it again...this board is in beautiful condition. The two capacitors to change out are a 1uF and a 22uF capacitor.

I am only doing the two capacitors on this board for now. I want to check the Beomaster 8000 power supply so I will re-install this recapped microcomputer board for that test. Once the power supply test is verified I will come back to this board and change the two oscillators as well as reflow a number of solder joints.

I will do a similar thing with this Beomaster's display board.  For now I will just change out two capacitors on that board but will return to it later for the restoration of the segmented displays, replacing the four incandescent lamps and reflowing solder joints.

Here is the display board as I received it.

The two capacitors are easy to get to so I quickly changed them out.

Here is the completed board.

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