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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Canada Beomaster 8000: Display Board Segment LED Restoration Part 1

The last board to complete in the restoration of this Beomaster 8000 project is the display board. With power supplied to the Beomaster I could see there were some LED segments that were not illuminating. To really if all of the display segments work or if there is a bad connection I pull the display modules and place them on my home built test jig. Using a bench power supply and the test jig I can turn all of the display segments on at the same time. This will reveal any faulty segments.

Here is the display board before removing the display modules.

The highlighted, dotted lines mark the display module leads that need to be desoldered for removal of the display modules.

Here is the board with the display modules removed.

The test jig reveals that there are four display segment LEDs that have failed.

So it is on to the display module repair.

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