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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Texas Beomaster 8000: FM and FM Interface Boards

The two FM boards on the Beomaster 8000 were a slightly different story than the Canada Beomaster. The restoration task was the same as the two from Canada....cleaning, reflow solder joints and replace capacitors.  However, I discovered some corrosion on the board around one of the board connectors so that had to be dealt with.

Here they are as I received them.

I removed the board components I was replacing.  You can see the corroded area I am talking about.

I continued with the cleaning to see how much of the corroded area cleaned up.

Not bad but there is still some corrosion residue present. The board connectors on that side of the FM board don't look all that healthy to me either.  I will most likely replace the trimmer resistors nearby but I will wait until I am into the Beomaster functional testing.

On the trace side of the board you can see some corrosion on the metal shield plate.

Fortunately I did have a couple spare Beomaster 8000 FM boards. They are a couple of boards that have damage board traces so they won't be needing their shield plate and connectors any longer.

I replaced the old, corroded parts with the spare boards.

These two boards are now completed.  That is much better.

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