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Monday, October 8, 2018

Texas Beomaster 8000: Final four capacitors replaced

Like the Beomaster 8000 from Canada I replaced the last four capacitors on the Texas Beomaster.  My original plan was to run some power supply checks with the recapped Beomasters. Unfortunately this Beomaster 8000 from Texas has a few additional problems with the last two boards. The problems aren't anything that can't be fixed but rather some things that must be reworked. This Beomaster from Texas was worked on before. Whoever put a soldering iron to this receiver did a poor job. I already have had to fix some bad solder joints on other boards in this unit. The microcomputer and display boards also have some ugly solder joints.

I started with the microcomputer board.

Removing the top and bottom covers of the metal shield box reveal the microcomputer components.
This Beomaster is missing a paper insulator piece that fits on the inside of the bottom cover. I will make a replacement for that.

There are quite a few jumper wires on this board compared to the pristine board from the Canada Beomaster unit.  That doesn't mean the wiring is incorrect.  I have seen several other Beomaster 8000 units where updates to circuit boards were made in service centers after the units had left the factory.

The problem with this wiring though is that it looks pretty sloppy.  Here is a closer look at some of the soldering on the wiring.

There is no way that was done by a professional B&O technician.

I will go ahead and get the two capacitors on this board replaced but will have to do a bunch of rework on the sloppy solder joints before I begin using this board.

Here are the two capacitors being replaced.

Here are the replacements installed.

The display board is next. It is in decent shape.

This board had a bad soldering pad for one of the capacitors being recapped and I found a diode lead that was barely attached to its pad.  I fixed both problems.

I still need to reflow all of the solder joints on this board before using it.

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