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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Repaired Rotary Volume Sensor

Swapping the volume rotary sensor module on this Beomaster with a spare got the volume control working again. That doesn't mean the original sensor is a throw away and cannot be repaired though. The repair is pretty easy. The sensor module is easy to get to and the infrared emitter and photo sensors can be de-soldered and replaced.

Here is the original, defective rotary sensor module with the replacement parts.

It is difficult tell the emitter device from the sensor just by looking at them. The leads on the emitter are different from photo sensor but to be safe I keep them in their packaging until I am ready to solder them in place.

Just that simple and the original rotary sensor is working in the Beomaster again. My spare sensor assembly can go back in my spare parts bin.

Now for that pesky left channel DC offset problem.

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