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Beomaster 8000 Restoration

Here some impressions of how to pack a Beomaster 8000 properly to survive a FedEx Ground Trip:

Beomaster 8000: Shipping Damage - Return Trip in a Double Box

And how to ship one internationally:

Beomaster 8000: Boxing Up for International Shipping

This is a selection of posts about the Beomaster 8000 that describe a recent full restoration I performed:

Beomaster 8000: Opening Up for Service

Beomaster 8000: First Assessment and Initial Damage Report

Beomaster 8000: Rebuilding and Testing of the Output Stages and First Power-Up

Beomaster 8000: Rebuilding the Output Stages, Cracked PCB, Dead 5V Regulator Capacitor, and a First Spin

Beomaster 8000: Rebuilding the Power Supply Board and an Inspection of the uProcessor PCB

Beomaster 8000: Replacing the 10mF Reservoir Caps

Beomaster 8000: Replacement of Indicator Light Bulbs with LEDs (do-it-yourself-version)

Beomaster 8000: Replacing the Incandescent Indicator Light Bulbs with SMD LEDs (professional approach)

Beomaster 8000: Recapping the Filter and Tone Control Board

Beomaster 8000: Recapping the Preamplifier and FM Tuner PCBs

Beomaster 8000: Recapping the Filter and Tone Control Board

Beomaster 8000: Display Repair (I) - Cleanup of Botched Frequency Display

Beomaster 8000: Display Repair (II) - Installation of SMD LEDs and Test

Beomaster 8000: Display Repair (III) - Putting the Displays Back Together

Beomaster 8000: Display Repair (IV) - Display Back in Business

Beomaster 8000: Replacement of Speaker Switches with New Encapsulated Ones

Beomaster 8000: 3D Printed Control Panel Door Lock

These entries describe the repair of main processor board vias:

Beomaster 8000 Suddenly Cuts Output Stages Power

Beomaster 8000 Suddenly Goes into Standby Mode

And some more posts about essential restoration tasks:

Beomaster 8000: Repair of a Broken Out Control Panel Lid Spring

Beomaster 8000: Repair of a Broken Phono Jack with a 3D Printed Insert

Beomaster 8000: 3D Printed Control Panel Linkage

Beomaster 8000: 3D Printed Control Panel Lid Damper Arm

Beomaster 8000 Keyboard Restoration/Not Working Buttons

Beomaster 8000: Installation of New Keypad Ribbon Cables (see links to preceding posts for 'emergency repairs' using the original cable)

Some posts about the repair of various issues:

Beomaster 8000 FM tuning issues often have their root cause in a dead prescaler IC. See here and here for measurements and the solution.

Beomaster 8000: Repair of Volume Rotary Encoder Sensor

Beomaster 8000: Fault Switch Gets Triggered by Disconnected PTC Thermistor

Beomaster 8000: A New Interesting Output Failure Mode

Beomaster 8000: Rattling Main Relays and a Broken 2MHz Oscillator Crystal

Beomaster 8000: Input Selector Trouble - Tuner Audio Mixed with Phono or TP1 Inputs. There is a follow-up to this post. See here.

Beomaster 8000: Left Channel Output Amplifier DC Offset Resolved (offset cannot be adjusted to 0 mV on output)

Beomaster 8000: A replacement device for the AD 10/192 Multiplex Switch on the preamplifier board

Beomaster 8000: A replacement device for the AD 10/278 Multiplex Switch on the preamplifier board


  1. Just a message to thank you.
    Many informations will help me to repair my Beomaster 8000

  2. Great, WE love the 8000. Keep up the restoration. Any rosewood restoration commments. please.
    thank you

  3. Thanks very much for these detailed posts of both standard restoration steps but also the problem analysis and resolution. This has given me more confidence and I will start looking for a suitable Bemaster 8000 candidate!!!


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