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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Beogram 4002 Type 5513: Houston Beogram #3 Ready for Action Again

The part of the Beogram 4002 restoration I like the most has arrived. All of the tasks are complete except one final series of fun record playing tests in my office. I like to hook the Beogram up to one of my favorite systems and listen to records while I work at my desk. It is so much more enjoyable than watching television....and someone has to do this job ;-).

I am really pleased with this Beogram. There is something wonderful about knowing that this turntable has had a thorough going over.  It is all clean inside.  Beolover did a great job of restoring the platter motor.  There is comfort knowing that all of the control signals have been checked and adjusted to be at the correct levels. 

We didn't do a full cosmetic restoration like on some Beogram units. This one is in decent shape. At some future date the owner might want to invest in a dust cover polishing and a new coating on the control button panel. But for now it is looks great and is performing like a Beogram 4002 should.

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