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Monday, October 9, 2017

Beogram 8000: Finishing Up The Project

This nice Beogram 8000 turntable has been playing records in my office for a week now without any problems.

Now it is time to finish the reassembly and do the final check out.

Just like the aluminum deck trim, there were a couple of other pieces that required cleaning off old, original, double-sided tape and reattaching pieces with new, 3M double-sided tape.

One of those assemblies was the tonearm compartment floor cover. I use Goo Gone to soften up the old tape residue then clean it off with paper towels and elbow grease (fingers actually).

I also prepared the tonearm compartment lid hinge lever so I could reattach the dust cover assembly.
This Beogram had no damping grease in the hinge lever compartment at all so I had to add some. As always I use Nygel 767A damping grease. It has the necessary properties to handle the job.

Another important piece to reattaching the dust cover is checking the mounting bracket for the dust cover hinge lever. The bracket is on a hinge but it isn't intended to move from the dust cover lid. The hinge was originally attached with the same type of double-sided tape that deteriorates over time. Regardless if the bracket is loose or not I always remove the original tape and reattach this hinge bracket with epoxy glue.

Once the hinge lever components for the dust cover and tonearm compartment lid are prepared I attached the cover assembly.

For the tonearm compartment lid attachment I used the same 3M double-sided tape that I used on the aluminum deck. I also attached new rubber stops to the corners of the dust cover that contact the aluminum deck. There is also a new rubber stop for the tonearm compartment lid.

Now it is back to the listening room for one more round of record test play. This time the Beogram 8000 will share the turntable counter with one of my Beogram 8002 turntables. I was in the mood for some 70's jazz fusion so some Billy Cobham and Al Di Meola.

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