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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Beogram 4002 (5521): A Stuck Tonearm and Polishing the Hood

A Beogram 4002 (5521) that I restored a while ago came back with a tonearm that would not track anymore properly. It turned out that the tracking sensor aperture had shifted down and was now touching the sensor housing. This impeded the lateral movement of the arm. The repair was simple: Loosen the screw that holds the aperture to the base of the arm assembly and move it up a bit until the arm moved freely again. To prevent this from happening again I installed a better screw. This shows the original screw:
I never liked these simple sheet metal screws since they are difficult to tighten properly with the Philips head etc...A much superior solution is a flat socket head M2 12 mm screw :
Since it is countered by a nut, it can be tightened well. So I am hopeful that this will be a durable fix. After this modification I calibrated the tracking sensor feedback to spec, and that concluded the repair.

My customer took the opportunity to also get the hood polished while I had the unit on my bench. We did not do that during the first visit of this Beogram. The hood had the usual 'ice skating' swirls on it plus a few more damages:
I gave it the usual treatment, starting out with 320 grit sand paper to get rid of the damages and even out the surface. After that was done, I polished it back through a number of ever finer grits until it was nicely translucent again:
Time to send this Beogram back to its owner.

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