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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Beogram 4000: Installation of a New Plexiglass Hood and Aluminum Trim

My current Beogram 4000 restoration is coming to a close. The final touch of the cosmetic work was to replace the original hood with a newly made reproduction hood provided by Classic Audio in Denmark. Classic Audio also provided a reproduced aluminum trim strip to be applied in the back of the hood. The installation of such a hood is straight forward: Here are a few impressions:

This shows the installation of the original hinge using new stainless M3 screws:

The machined holes in the new hood fit perfectly and the screws went in exactly like they would in an original hood. It is a good idea to protect the pristine plexiglass with a bag or similar while doing this procedure.
After the hinge was mounted, I applied the new aluminum strip. It came with adhesive backing, so all one needs to do is to remove the backing and then carefully apply the strip making sure that it is matching the edge of the plexiglass without making creases or folds. After some initial learning curve I finally had it on:
It is really amazing how clear such a new hood is. This simply cannot be matched by polishing a scratched original one:
Awesomely beautiful! I am very grateful that Classic Audio is providing this great service to the B&O community!
This is Beolove!

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