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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beogram 4002 (5513): Installation of New 3D Printed Transport Lock Bushings

Before doing the platter and sub-chassis alignment adjustments I needed to replace the degraded transport lock bushings of the Beogram 4002 (5513) that I am restoring right now. It is important to have the bushings in place since the sub-chassis adjustment can only be done properly if they are in place. This Beogram was outfitted with the orange type of bushings,

which all seem to be in various states of degradation at this point in time. The gray looking bushings usually seem to be in much better condition. But these orange ones had to go. I removed the plates that hold the transport locks together, which revealed one of the brittle bushings:
I removed it,
And installed one of my custom designed 3D printed replacement bushings:
Each replacement bushing has two identical parts, so it can be installed by putting in one half from below
and the other half from the top:
Then the threaded rod and the top plate can be installed again:
There is a video about installing new transport lock bushings in my Beogram 4002 playlist. The replacement nylon bushings can be ordered directly from my Shapeways store. This is the link to the part. You would need two per transport lock.

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