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Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Early Christmas! Beosystem 6000 is in the House!

I went for a little drive today (about 340 miles...;-) and picked up a pristine, almost new looking complete Beosystem 6000 from another vintage audio enthusiast!!! What a lovely day! Beogram 6000 with MMC6000 in great cosmetic condition. All the keypads are practically new-looking, veneer is great...even came with replacement plexiglass parts and a full set of owner manuals, service manuals (even the 'product description' or 'Technische Produktbeschreibung' as it is in German for the Beomaster 6000!). Incredible! Of course everything needs rebuilding, but definitely this is an early Christmas present for the Beolover!!!...;-). Here are a couple pics:


  1. That looks amazing... let me know if you are selling it

  2. Let's discuss off line...beolover@gmail.com

  3. Hi beolover, i am looking for the Bombaster 6000 Quad Owner Manual, so hard to find...
    Would still have it ? Make some scans of it ?
    Thank you very much, stephane.


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