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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beolover 8000: Speaker Switch Replacement with Modern Switches

A fellow B&O fan asked me if my recently developed speaker switch adapter plates for the Beomaster 8000 would be available. I was happy to oblige, but felt like I needed to improve my design a bit for a more satisfying experience. I wanted larger holes for a bit for a better fit of the solder tabs of the switches. I also wanted to cut them from thinner plexiglass to avoid the Dremel step for thinning the tabs for precise fit into the switch compartments of the Beomaster. Another goal was to achieve a press-fit of the adapters onto the PCB board alignment tabs of the switches to avoid the glueing-step to affix the plates to the switches.

Here is a picture of the redesigned adapters with fitted switches (the adapters were cut from 1/16 strain relieved plexiglass):

I also made a video about the process (including a shot of the laser cutter in action - awesome!!..;-). Enjoy!:

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