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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Beomaster 6000 4-Channel: First Test Drive

I thought my 100th beolover post deserves a special occasion! And indeed, after a long journey through the circuitry and beautiful mechanics of my Beomaster 6000 4-Channel, I finally put it back together and hooked it up to my Beogram 4004, which I already restored a couple years ago...a deep breath and I fired everything up together for the first time. What can I say? Pure bliss! An old record from long ago (Human League: Dare) started turning, the tone arm lowered and the Beogram 4004 came to life on the Aux2 input of the Beomaster. A study of the circuit revealed that the normal Phono4 input does not have a RIAA input, but rather is a standard line input, i.e. the regular 4004 can only be used on the Aux2 input which, per owners manual, is reserved for lowly 'standard 2 channel turntables'.

I guess it is time to rebuild the 4002 4-Channel that fell into my lap locally a little while ago via craigslist. The question really is whether they ever made a CD4 record that I might appreciate...;-). But that is a great thing to worry about...;-)

So far, I am just enjoying the Beomaster rocking away, everything working properly, not getting overly warm, and my new RGB-based LED scale lights (more about that later) happily reflecting from the red scale indicators, while the scales themselves exude a warm and homogeneous incandescent-seeming glow! Beauty is in the details! Here is a first impression of the system (the Beocord 5000 in back is on my list of near-future restoration projects):

Beosystem 6000 Test Drive

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