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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recapping of Board #6 (Power Supply)

I finally received the axial capacitors for board #6. I replaced all electrolytic and Ta capacitors on board #6. The pic shows the board after reinstallation.

Replacing C6 was a bit tricky since it sits right next to the remote receiver, and one of its leads terminates underneath the shield below the board. This makes it difficult to unsolder it. However, using a thin solder tip, it was possible to reach the joint w/o needing to remove the shield. Other than that the work proceeded uneventful. After reinstalling I connected the transformer and plugged the BM in. All voltages were present. Encouraged I reconnected everything, and the BM still worked!
Next step: Evaluation of the output stages and replacement of the four main reservoir capacitors, which look a bit corroded.

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