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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beomaster 8000 Main Reservoir Capacitor Replacement

I finally received the 105C ECES1JA103EZ Panasonic replacements for the 10000uF main reservoir capacitors of the beomaster. They are almost the same size as the original ones: 80 mm long, but only 35 mm diameter (vs. 40 mm original). I wrapped them with a layer of corrugated cardboard to prevent bouncing around in the BM8000. The exhange required taking off the heat sinks and the aluminum cover of the control panel. The pictures show the steps for the left channel:

New and old capacitors:

Caps before exchange and after removal of the leads:

And after exchange:

An inspection of the old caps yielded capacitances within tolerance and ESR values of ~0.11-0.13 Ohm...not too bad. The new caps had 0.08 Ohm. Not sure if that means anything.

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