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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Tone Control & Filter Board Assembly Repair

When I first opened up this Beomaster the owner had warned me to be careful of the tone control board because it had started to crack. The crack was indeed there.  Here is a picture.

Whatever force had caused the panel to crack also broke most of the mounting tabs for the underlying board that has the pushbuttons. The broken tabs made the button board loose and some of the pushbutton caps had fallen inside.

I needed to glue the board in place to compensate for the broken tabs but I didn't want to use something permanent like epoxy. Black, crafting hot glue is good for this type of repair. The glue dries right away and will hold the board in place for this application. If it is necessary to remove the board in the future the glue can be pried off fairly easy.

For the crack in the panel epoxy is a good glue to use. I do want something permanent. The crack is too thin to use glue by itself and expect the repair to last. I used two thin strips of plastic to act as a patch and applied Araldite epoxy as the adhesive.

The glued button board tabs are not pretty but they work good and this underside of the panel cannot be seen.

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