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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Beogram 4000: Replacement of a Cracked Cartridge Mount with a 3D Printed Assembly

Like so many Beogram 4000s, the one I am working on right now had a cracked MMC cartridge mount. In the 4000 this part was made from a more brittle plastic than in the later 4002s, and it seems this material is not aging well. This is how this issue manifests itself:
The first step of this repair procedure is to take the arm out that the original part can be extracted. For this the screw in the back needs to be removed, and then the arm can be pulled out:
after pulling it forward a bit the part that holds the excenter down can be removed, revealing the excenter and the spring that pushes it down:
Pulling the arm further releases a spring that holds the wiring in place:
The the arm comes off and one can see the board where the wires to the cartridge mount are soldered on:
The next step was to unsolder the wires. Two of them are soldered to the bottom side of the small board:
These can be unsoldered using a mirror and carefully operating the soldering iron to get underneath from the side. After unsoldering the wires it was time to 'cook' the arm for a while to soften the glue that holds the MMC mount in place:
This one needed to be heated for an hour or so until I was able to finally push the cartridge out with a metal rod that fits into the square arm profile:
Unfortunately, this 'pushing out procedure' often results in damaged wires since there is no way to keep them out of the way while pushing the mount out from the back. In this case I had to replace two of them...this shows the 3D printed replacement part with the transferred wires soldered on:
The next step is to install the mount together with the original bottom part:
I usually glue the parts back into the arm with white wood glue (Alene's, but any other will do, too). When doing this, care needs to be taken when the mount assembly is pushed into the arm that it is inserted precisely at a depth that allows to mount the cartridge snugly. This is best done by putting a cartridge on and then pushing the mount in with the cartridge:
After letting the glue harden for 24 hrs, the cartridge can be removed:
Now the arm can be installed again:
And bolted to the carriage:
Allright! On to replacing the sensor arm light bulb with an LED assembly...

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