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Friday, December 29, 2017

Beogram 8000: Finishing Up Some Odds and Ends

I am ready to put this Beogram 8000 back together and start playing records in my office but there are a few odds and ends to take care of first.

The muting relay is a component that has acted up on the last few Beogram 8000 projects. Because of that I now always replace it. The original muting relay on the Beogram 8000 is a National type relay.

Beolover makes an adapter board for several of the old relays Bang & Olufsen uses in their turntables. National is one of them.

This Beolover adapter board was originally created for the Beogram 400x turntables. I am able to use the board here and mount an Omron 12 VDC relay replacement for the National.  Due to the polarity of the Omron relay and the Beogram 8000 relay board layout I have to mount the board upside down.

Another quick task to do is to close up the microcomputer PCB box. I have left it open up to now in case there was some problem (i.e. the failed display segment I had to fix earlier).

I applied fresh thermal compound to the heatsink bar and reattached the lid to the shielding box.

From the end of the box where the microcomputer IC is you can peak inside and check that the heatsink and thermal compound made good contact with the device.

Last is to repair the tonearm compartment lid so the damping lever slowing closes. Like a lot of these turntables the original damping grease has been removed. It likely deteriorated over time. This unit has some sort of grease as a substitute but that really doesn't provide the correct damping.

I use Nyogel 767A. It is specifically designed for damping applications and it has worked great on these Bang & Olufsen components that have lids/doors that are dampened.

The damping on the Beogram 8000 tonearm compartment lid is performed by a plastic lever that is mounted on a pivot. The lid assembly presses on to this lever. The damping grease slows down the movement of the lever.

Here is the damping mechanism re-installed and ready for the lid assembly.

Now I can finally put all of the Beogram components back together.

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