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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Beogram 8000: Reassembly and Record Play

The time has finally arrived to put this Beogram back together and start having some fun playing records.

I didn't show it earlier but I sanded the small rust spots I found on the bottom section of the Beogram cabinet and spray painted some flat black paint over it. That should prevent any spreading of rust.

The first step of reassembly is to put the floating chassis and its components back in the cabinet base. That is followed by adding the circuit board, transformer and control panel.

Now the deck lid can be lowered and the floating chassis suspended from the leaf springs.
The top platter is put in place and this is starting to look like a Beogram again.

The tonearm compartment deck is left off for a bit so I can get to that leaf spring. Several iterations of removing the top platter and adjusting the suspension leaf springs finally get the platter surface even with the Beogram deck.

The dust cover and tonearm compartment lids are attached, the tonearm compartment deck and the long, black trim panel over the dust cover hinge. This Beogram is ready to play records.

Now for the fun part. I installed the Beogram 8000 in my office system where it will be living for a while as I do the hard work of laying back and listening to records. I decided to start off with a Lonnie Liston Smith album I bought back in 1977.

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