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Friday, December 29, 2017

Beogram 8000: Cosmetic Repairs

I left off in the last post for this project with the Beogram wood trim removed and soaking in GooGone to loosen the old mounting glue. The rosewood trim on the Beogram had started to separate in places and the only way to really fix it is to completely remove the trim, clean off the old glue, then reattach the trim.

Here are the pictures again of the removed trim soaking in GooGone.

After about an hour I can use a scraper to remove the old glue residue.

The old glue comes off pretty easy but the front trim piece was a lot more delicate than the sides. There were already places where the trim was starting to come apart. I repeated the GooGone process on the Beogram frame that the trim attaches to. Before re-attaching the trim I cleaned all of the mounting surfaces with acetone.

To remount the trim I used Tesa 4965 double-sided tape. It is very strong and worked really good on the front trim piece to keep the separating trim intact during the remounting.

Here is the front trim piece already mounted and the two side pieces prepared.

Here are the left and right corners after all of the pieces have been remounted.

The next step was to do some sanding and refinishing to bring the color back to the trim.

Here are some before and after pictures of three trouble areas on the front trim.

At certain angles you can see some scars but I think the trim looks good. I might give the front trim piece one more round of treatment but I want to put everything back together and get a complete look at it first.

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