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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beogram 8000: Returning Home

Today is the big day. It is time to pack up the Beogram 8000 and ship it home to its owner. The turntable has been playing beautifully the last few days with very heavy use and no signs of any intermittent behavior. It was definitely a good thing to install a brand new phono muting relay.

After all of that work it is important to properly pack units up for shipping. Especially turntables. A loose item here or there can cause extreme damage. Everything must be locked down and secure.

Bang & Olufsen has long been using a floating chassis for their turntables and provide a chassis lock down mechanism for transporting them. On the Beogram 8000 (and 8002) there are three lock down bolts under the main platter. The bolts are screwed down out of the way when the turntable is ready to be used. For transport the bolts are backed out and through a mounting plate. When through a hole in the mounting plate, the plate is slid over and the bolt is tightened against it so the floating chassis cannot move.

This lock down should be performed even if transporting the turntable in your vehicle to deliver it yourself.

The phono cartridge should also be removed from the tonearm at this point. To secure the tangential arm assembly and the top platter, B&O provided a special molded styro-foam piece. It holds the top platter securely and slides onto the deck of the Beogram with a tab to block the tangential arm assembly from moving.

The dust cover lowers on top of the platter packing to protect the dust cover and to hold the platter down so the sub-platter cannot move.

The outside of the Beogram is then protected with a soft, foam sleeve.

Finally, two molded styro-foam blocks slide over the front and back of the Beogram to lock all of the packing in place.

The Beogram and shipping material is placed into its original box which is inside an outer box that has thick foam protection on all sides.

It costs more of course but please don't ever skimp and not use an outer box. That is just asking for trouble. The only time to use just the original box by itself is if you are hand delivering the unit.

The final step is sealing the shipment and applying the shipping label. Then off it goes.

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