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Monday, July 24, 2017

Beogram 4004 Type 5526: Starting the Re-assembly

Re-assembly time for these Beogram 4004 components. It is time to get the floating chassis put back together. The first pieces are the transport lock assemblies.

Set the lower lock at the very end of the threaded screw. Later, the upper lock will be set to the top end of the threaded screw. That is so there will be the maximum gap for the floating chassis to operate when the turntable is unlocked.

Three washers go between the lower lock and the Beogram chassis. The washers are concave so the washer arrangement is as shown below.

The Beogram floating chassis with its components fit over the transport lock screws. New Beolover 3D printed bushings have been installed to replace the original ones that had disintegrated into a million pieces (that keep showing up).

The top lock threads into place followed by two more of the concave washers. Again, the top lock is threaded so it is just on the top part of the locking screw.

The top plate goes on next. It is secured by two screws. It is important to note that the two screws should easily screw into place. No extra force needs to be applied. If you find they don't screw in easily then do not force them. It means the screws are not aligned correctly. Re-adjust them until they easily screw into place.

The locks are in place so the leaf springs are attached and the floating chassis is back in business.

I installed the Beolover rebuilt (re-infused bearings) DC platter motor and the two circuit boards. It is just about ready to apply some power and start making electrical adjustments with the trimmers I installed earlier.

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