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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Beogram 4004 Type 5526: Tangential Arm Position Detector

Just a quick and short update...
I didn't get as much bench time as I wanted the last couple of days but I did sneak on long enough to connect power and adjust the Beogram's tangential arm position detector voltage.

Just like I did on the previous Beogram 4002 (Type 5513) project, I needed to verify that the base voltage of 1TR17 is at a nice 0.7 VDC when the light source 4D1 is illuminating the tangential arm position sensor, 4IC1.

It was a little off so adjusting trimmer resistor 1R88 was necessary to bring the voltage down. This picture shows the initial adjustment.

Once I re-attached the position scale I re-checked the voltage at 1TR17 base with the 4D1 LED at a transparent part of the scale.

I then ran the Beogram tangential arm through some of its operations. Everything worked great.

Later tonight I will measure and adjust the new 2M ohm trimmer for the fixed arm record detector.

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