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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Beomaster 4400 Type 2419: Rebuild 2 of the power on/off switch

Using the various Beomaster 4400 power on/off switch piece parts I selected the best switch components to rebuild a good switch for this project.

I secured the new switch contacts in the top housing using some instant epoxy. It is pin point so I could just place a drop around each contact coming through the housing. That secured the contacts and allowed me to test fit the two switch housing halves to make sure the contacts go into their respective slots.

Here is a picture of the contacts and actuator in the top housing half ready for mating with the lower housing.  I have the contacts that open and close turned around so that I am using the unused sides of the contacts. These refurbished contacts look way better than what switch contacts looked like previously.

So far, so good.

I installed the actuator lever and the lower housing, then checked the switch operation with an ohmmeter multiple times.  The switch operated perfectly each time.

Satisfied with the rebuilt switch I sealed the two housings with a bead of black hot glue.  This type of glue does a great job of hold things together but can easily be peeled off it access to the switch contacts is ever needed again.

The next step will be to carefully connect the switch wiring (including the two wires to my arc suppression device) without overheating the plastic switch housing.

I am also designing how I will re-attach the switch to the Beomaster 4400 switching assembly. I will need to somehow strap it in place.

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