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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Beomaster 4400 Type 2419: Power on/off switch rebuild completed

I had some time tonight to finish preparing the rebuilt Beomaster 4400 power on/off switch for re-installation into the receiver.

My method of wiring the switch this time was to cut and fit the bus bars first. Then I attached the relative wire pieces to the bus bars before attaching everything to the switch contacts.

When I did attach the mini-assemblies to the switch contacts I used some solder shield clamps to prevent any heat from reaching the plastic switch housing.

Here is the power on/off switch fully wired back up and ready for re-installation.

I was very pleased with the wire connection results.  Now to check the switch operation again.

Very nice. I exercised the switch actuator a bunch of times and never had a case of a contact failure.
The contacts in fact remained nice and solid. No movement in them whatsoever.

This switch is ready to be re-installed.

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