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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Beomaster 2400: Reassembly and First Play

The Beomaster 2400 lamps all function. The power supplies are good and the no-load current adjustment is complete.

Note that the phono jack on this Beomaster 2400 is the 7-pin DIN type plug. It supports the Beogram 4004 remote control connections.

This Beomaster 2400 had a couple of shoddy left and right cabinet trim pieces. I found a couple of good ones, did some light sanding and applied some boiled linseed oil.

Before I attach the tone controls and FM tuning panel and before I attach the bottom plate there are a couple of service manual adjustments I need to complete. There is an FM1 tuning voltage adjustment and an FM5 tuning voltage adjustment. In both procedures a trimmer is adjusted while monitoring the DC voltage at 4TP1. The measured voltage level in both adjustments should be 4.7VDC with the tuner at the 88MHz stop.

When I attached the Beomaster 2400 bottom plate I also had to replace the four plastic feet. All of the Beomaster 1900 and 2400 units I have encountered so far all have deteriorated (or missing) cabinet feet. Fortunately Martin Olsen can source these.

Now for a quick play test. I connected an iPod Nano to the Tape 1 DIN input and my FM antenna cable to the Beomaster 2400 antenna jack. I am currently out of functioning Beogram 4004 turntables so I will have to wait to test that.

As you can see from the photos I also checked out the Beomaster 2400 remote control. The receiver works and sounds great.

I will let it run for a while to burn it in before I hook up my dummy load resistors to run some performance checks.

This is the fun part.

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