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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Beogram 8000 Type 5613: First project of 2019

The first project of 2019 for me is a nice Beogram 8000 (Type 5613).
The turntable came well packed so I unpacked it to prepare for the assessment and work.
Let's dive right in and assess what I've got.

So far so good. Everything looks nice and original. The usual deterioration of the original double-sided tape Bang & Olufsen used has left the deck panel and compartment doors loose. Those will need to be cleaned up and re-attached.

Here are all of the components broken out. Again, everything looks good so far.

I detached the tonearm assembly so I could take a look at the tangential arm spindle drive nut. Quite a few of the last Beogram 8000 units I have come across have had spindle nuts that are partially broken.

Beolover does make a 3D replacement part for the spindle nut but this one is intact. All that is needed here is for me to clean off the old oil and grease then apply a new coat.

This Beogram 8000 already has a metal tacho disk so no need for any update there.

The floating chassis deck will just need cleaning and the two electrolytic capacitors changed.
I will also replace the original phono muting relay (not pictured) with a new, sealed type relay.

The transformer will get a new Beolover capacitor assembly for the platter motor.

The circuit boards will be recapped, solder joints on the connectors refreshed and a new IC socket for the microcomputer IC (inside the metal box).

The owner also sent his MMC-20CL cartridge to try out. I safely stored it away until this Beogram is ready.
I am already anxious to start playing records on this new turntable.

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