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Friday, January 4, 2019

Beogram 8000 Type 5613: Working the floating chassis components

Since I partially took apart the tangential arm assembly to check the status of the spindle nut I decided to begin work there.

I figured on cleaning the tangential arm drive parts (spindle, spindle nut, connecting bracket and rails) then lubricating them. However, I discovered a small crack in the bracket that connects the tangential arm assembly to the spindle nut.

That is too small an area to try a repair and I know I have a spare bracket in my Beogram 800x parts bin. I went ahead and cleaned the parts. Notice the rubber ends to the rear rail. I treated the rubber parts with a rubber rejuvenator product. They were looked like they were starting to dry out. The countries that have 60Hz line voltage have those type of rails and the rubber nipples were added to eliminate vibration.

I will return to the arm drive reassembly later when I retrieve the spare bracket.

Continuing...I removed the platter hub to clean underneath and lubricate it. No surprises or problems there. The metal tacho disk looks great.

Next were the replacement of the two electrolytic capacitors (0C1 & 0C2). The mica insulator under 0IC1 (+5V regulator) was shifted so I repositioned it.

I have been replacing the muting relay on the Beogram 800x turntable restorations lately because several units had faulty relays. A goal of the restoration is to make the Beogram fully functional and reliable for another forty years so it is worth replacing the muting relay while the Beogram is open. I was a little surprised to see this Beogram 8000 has the Omron type relay. I have only seen the National type relay in these turntables. The Omron relays have always been in the Beogram 8002 turntables. That works out great as I have the Omron replacements in stock.

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