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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Beogram 8000 Type 5613: Reassembly to Record Play

After this Beogram 8000 turntable service manual adjustments were made and operations checked out my focus shifted to reattaching the loose deck and door panels.

Pretty much every Beogram 8000 and 8002 turntable at this point in time will experience failing foam type, double-sided tape that Bang & Olufsen used in the eighties to attach the metal deck and tonearm compartment door. The fix is to remove the old, deteriorating tape residue, clean the parts and reattach them with modern glue or tape. I prefer using modern 3M VHB type tape that the automotive industry uses. For this Beogram I am using their RP32 VHB tape. It is 0.032 inches (32 mil) thick which should be just right.

First however, I have to clean off the old tape residue. My product of choice for that task is GooGone.

I usually let it soak overnight. That gives the GooGone a good amount of time to work where it is fairly easy to scrape away the old tape. It is also very messy so have paper towels on hand.

This Beogram arrived with the old tape already removed from the tonearm compartment door panel and hinge already clean so I started there on the reassembly.

Next was the aluminum deck panel.

Now I could start putting the working turntable components back in the cabinet.

No surprises here as the turntable components had already been tested out on my bench.

This Beogram is ready for some record play.

I connected it to my Beomaster 6000 where it will live for a few days as I test it out playing records.

A nice reward.

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