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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Beogram 4002 (5513): A First Evaluation

A Beogram 4002 (5513) arrived for some TLC. It came double boxed following the instructions in my 4002 packing video. No shipping damage is always a good start for a restoration project! I unwrapped the unit and these are my first impressions:
The unit is fairly original and clean. The only glaring cosmetic issue is the work keypad
Luckily the stamped metal sheet is not scratched, i.e. this can be fixed with my recently developed restoration technique. It is somewhat unusual that the STOP key is more worn than the START key...one would think that the STOP button should always see less action than the START button...ah life is just full of mysteries!...;-)

Other than that there is a bit of damage on the plinth corners:
and the screws that hold the hood down are not original:
The springs that hold the bolts up that catch the hood are also missing. They can be replaced with generic springs from a pen. The hood itself has the usual scratches, but nothing too deep, i.e. can also be polished back to a fairly like-new appearance.

After this visual inspection I took out the aluminum panels
and had a look. It all looks fairly original, which is a good starting point for a restoration. I plugged it in and it started up nicely. My customer already did the lowering mechanism lubrication procedure and so the arm stopped at the right spot and lowered. I noticed that the RPM indicator illumination bulbs are very dim and hardly visible if there is any light in the room:
So in summary, it looks like this will be a straight forward restoration.

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