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Monday, March 13, 2017

Beomaster 8000: Display Board Rebuilt

The reworked Beomaster 8000 display modules have spent enough time on the test jig. All of the new SMD LEDs passed the burn-in test so I can finish up the last circuit board in this restoration project...the display board.

Here is the board with its original components. The arrows designate the board components that will be replaced: The four display modules, the four light bulbs, a 10uF electrolytic capacitor and a 4.7uF tantalum capacitor. The four light bulbs will be replaced with Beolover's direct replacement LED component. That means also removing four 220Ω resistors (R34, R36, R38 and R40). As with all of the other Beomaster 8000 board restoration, I reflow the solder on all of the board connectors.

Here are the lamps and resistors alongside the new Beolover indicator light modules.

Here we go, the last board re-installed in the Beomaster...and everything works. An expected result but always a relief to actually see.

Note that it is always difficult to get a good photograph of the LED displays the way they really look. If I turn down the ISO and shutter speed I can get a better representation of the displays but then everything else is too dark. The display segments all look uniform and will match the Beocord 9000 I did earlier.

This Beomaster is about ready to close back up for the bench, system testing phase. However, I do need to rebuild the lid damper before I can put this unit back together so it is time to start that repair.

Update: Here are some better photos of the new displays in the Beomaster. They look quite good I think. I followed Beolover's basic restoration method of blacking out any sources of stray light from the LED using various materials like black vinyl tape and black hot glue.

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