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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beocord 9000: Replacing Capacitors Wrapped Up

It took a little longer than expected but I am done with the capacitor replacement in this Beocord 9000 cassette deck. As expected most of the capacitors did test within spec. However, a few were out of spec and two were completely bad. On the Microcomputer/Display board there was that 220uF capacitor (C56) that was preventing the Beocord from coming on. Later, on the Dolby board I found another 220uF (C7) of the same brand that was also completely failed. So even though it is quite a big job it is worth checking out all of the electrolytic capacitors.

Here is a picture of the recap work on the Calibration Oscillator Detector board. Just three 1uF capacitors and I replaced them with WIMA MKS type capacitors.

Next is the Microcomputer & Display board. There are not many capacitors here and I will be returning to this board to work on the displays.

Finally, the board with the most capacitors, the Dolby board.

I will clean the slider and Dolby switches with Deoxit while I have this board removed.

Before starting work on the displays I need to check if the Beocord is functioning after the re-capping and re-soldering job. If not, I will have some trouble-shooting to do. So the next step is the re-assembly of the Beocord where I can test it again.

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