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Monday, January 9, 2017

Beocord 9000: Reassembly

With the recapping, cleaning and maintenance completed today was the day to put things back together in the Beocord and see where this project is at. I am starting with an empty shell since I removed everything out of the Beocord for the restoration. Although there are a few little tricks to learn and master regarding disassembly of this generation of Bang & Olufsen, the inner workings are easy to access.

The last boards removed are the first boards put back in.

I am not doing a full reassembly yet because I still have work to do on the displays. It is nice removing the transformer when moving the Beocord around and positioning it because it makes the unit a lot lighter. Here I have the Beocord reassembled to the point I can test it with a tape.

Now to the other side to see what happens when I push play.

Oh what a great feeling it is to see the unit come to life and actually play a cassette after all of that work! I verified music was coming out using headphones on the front panel jack. You can see that this display does have missing segments and I will be working on those soon. Tomorrow I will set up and run some tests on this deck to see what it looks like on the spectrum analyzer. I will also see if it records. It's nice to end the day with a good success.

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