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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beocord 9000: Displays and Lamps

I left this Beocord 9000 project off waiting for some Beolover displays to arrive and preparing to give the beocord a quick functional check to see if it records and plays cassette tapes. I am happy to report the replacement lamps have arrived and my record/playback tests also worked. Once I finish the displays I will go through some organized cassette functional tests and show the results.

The display work can all be done with the Microcomputer and Display board in place inside the Beocord. Here are the display components looking from the top (so you can see the PPM scale lamp clearly).

I shouldn't have to touch the PPM displays other than the PPM Scale Lamp. I will replace the scale lamp and the indicator lamps with the LED replacement modules I got from Beolover. The 7 segment display will be disassembled, the original LEDs will be removed and modern surface mount LEDs will be installed in their place. Here is another picture of the Beocord 9000 as one would normally view the Beocord.

The first lamp to get replaced is the PPM Scale Lamp. Beolover originally posted the installation of one of these in the Summer of 2015. As mentioned on that thread, the Beolover tonearm position indicator LED replacement module can be re-purposed for the Beocord 9000 PPM scale lamp. Here is the part as I received it from Beolover.

As shown on the 2015 Beolover thread, the replacement is very straight forward. I like drop in replacements. This sequence of pictures shows the replacement.

This picture shows the Beolover replacement lamp modules for the four indicator lamps. There is also a 2015 Beolover thread on this subject.

The above picture also shows the seven segment display has been removed. It is time to prepare that part for restoration. Here is what the seven segment display module looks like taken apart.

This is a better shot of the seven segment display LED board (front and back).

The smallest dots on the display are the original lamps. This picture shows that each lamp has a tiny wire strand on one end of the display lamp. That delicate wire can be broken or about to break.

I will continue this seven segement display module restoration in the next post.

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