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Friday, January 20, 2017

Beocord 9000: Seven Segment Display Board Reworked

It took a little longer than I expected to get my Beosystem display board rework station set up for doing repairs again but I finally got everything in place for repairing and testing the LED display. Here is my test setup for bench testing the display and running the burn-in test. I checked the setup with a working Beocord display.

Here is another look at the display board front and back. This time I have added markings for the segments and the polarities to follow.

There are thirty-one LEDs. This is what the original LED lights look like up close.

Here is the original LED compared next to the replacement SMD type LED.

To prepare the display board for the new SMD LED devices I will scrape off the old LEDs with a razor blade. I also discovered the new SMD LEDs solder in place better if the little pad the old LED rests on is removed.

That leaves the gap just right for the new LED device. Since I have quite a few Beosystem displays from this era waiting for repair I went ahead and ordered a reel of the replacement LEDs (Lumex SML-LX06031W-TR).

A little bit daunting when you first see how small those LEDs are. You must have magnifying equipment and SMD tweezers to work with these. Here is a picture of the Lumex SMD LEDs top and bottom.

I cannot see the cathode mark without the aid of a magnifying glass so I have to examine each one first as I pick it up with the tweezers. They are all oriented the same way in the reel packaging but I still double-check because I just want to make sure myself.

If you are just doing one display board then most people hold the SMD LED in place with tweezers and apply some solder with a soldering iron fitted with a small tip. I have done that before and it works well. However, I plan to do quite a few of these and with this Beocord display alone, that means sixty-two solder points.

Another option is to get an SMD rework station. I use an Aoyue SMD rework station.

The 853A is a heating system to preheat the board being soldered so you can lessen the amount of time the heat gun has to be applied to the board. I am currently using a temperature of around 180˚C.
After I let the board warm up, I use the 968A station heat gun at around 340˚C. I set the air flow on the heat gun to the minimum setting so none of the SMD components get moved out of position (by the heat gun air).

Here is the Beocord display board before and after processing with the heating station.

After that I cleaned the board with some isopropyl alcohol, examined with my magnifiers and checked continuity with a DMM. I found three bad board traces so I had to repair them with some thin magnet wire.
Finally, a successful board test.

I am going to leave the display board powered up in the test rig overnight to make sure everything is good. Tomorrow the display should be ready for full re-assembly and put back in the Beocord.
That will leave just a couple small tasks to do on this project and this Beocord will be done.

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