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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beogram 4002 (5501): Replacement of Reservoir and Motor Capacitors

The Beogram 4002 (5501) that I am restoring right now showed some erratic behaviors that indicated potential power supply trouble. When it comes to power everything starts at the reservoir capacitors and so I decided to put that on a solid footing. Many Beograms of that vintage suffer from dried out electrolytic capacitors, and replacing these big cans is always a good starting point for a restoration of the control system.
A look at the capacitors 'bank' of this early series 5501 immediately indicated that I needed to redesign my original 3D printed 550x capacitors fixture a bit to accommodate the thick yellow insulation tubes:
Here is the result:
I added the four deep 'half pipes' on the top part as seen here to make room for the insulation:
This allowed a neat installation:

Beautiful! Isn't it??
After I was done I checked the original 4000uF cans. Both were similarly out of spec:
While 2800uF for a 4000uF unit is clearly not acceptable indicating that the capacitors were on their way out, the new capacitors did not cure the erratic behavioral issues of the deck. So there must be something else amiss...on we go!...exciting! I always enjoy it if there is a previously unexperienced issue that one can try figuring out! This is Beolove!...;-)

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