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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CleanerVinyl Pro Released: Clean Up to 12 Vinyl Records in One Go!

A few of my CleanerVinyl customers inquired about a higher throughput version of my original CleanerVinyl design. The original design is very easy to use, but only allows the cleaning of one record at a time (that is why I rebranded it as CleanerVinyl One...;-). Inspired by these comments, I set out to do a redesign, which came together in the last few weeks. The new pro version is a much more massive design. It is built from precision-machined stainless steel and aluminum parts and also uses brass bearings to support the weight of the record stack. It can take on up to 12 records at a time. Check out my redesigned CleanerVinyl website, and the CleanerVinyl Pro video below. Enjoy!

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