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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beomaster 8000: Speaker Switch Replacement

Further inspection of the Beomaster 8000 yielded difficult to switch speaker switches. As in most 8000s of this vintage these switches are corroded and most fail within a short time if used consistently. We decided that the switches needed to be replaced with new ones. Here a couple pics of the old ones:

and bottom view:

Unfortunately these switches are not made anymore. Technology has progressed, enabling fully enclosed plastic packages. To fit new switches to the compartments of the Beomaster 8000, the old-style PCBs that formed the bottoms of the old switches need to be transferred to the new ones. I took the old switches apart by Dremeling the plastic 'buttons' off that hold the PCBs to the plastic  enclosures, and drilled holes into them to allow the pins of the new switches to protrude:

Then I glued the PCBs to the new switches:

And the final product:

Time to solder them in:

And installed in the 'compartments':

Testing yielded a smooth operation. Much better than the old ones! Time to give the Beomaster 8000 a spin!

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