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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beovox 4500 Re-Assembled

I re-assembled the Beovox 4500s...below is a picture of the right speaker. Beautiful! Communication with the Beosound 9000 through Power Link works also very well. I used "Din 8 (Large Din) 8 pin Male-Male" cables for the Power Link connection. The so-called original (overpriced) Power Link cables that are available on ebay are nothing else. This is the beauty of this set-up. The speakers are connected to the receiver by a data bus and 2V audio signals only, i.e. all that is needed is a shielded 8-pin small signal cable. The amplifiers run on their own power - each speaker has its own power supply and an integrated amplifier. I connected my ipad on the 9000's auxiliary input (selectable through "ATape" on the Beo 4 remote) for testing. Need to get a 75 Ohm FM antenna to get the tuner working. And burn some CDs that I can use the CD changer...how very vintage!...;-)


  1. Is this a Beovox 4500 or Beolab 4500?
    It is told that Speakers with power module are the Beolabs and without power amp is Beovox.

    1. You are right. This is Beolab 4500.
      A feast to the eyes and ears, IMHO!


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