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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Beogram 4002 (5513): Keypad and RPM Panel

I noticed that some of the Beogram's control panel buttons were slow to respond when pressing them. That usually means oxidation on the keypad contacts so I opened up the keypad assembly.
Sure enough, you can see the dull key contacts.

I unsoldered the contact pads and removed them for inspection. They didn't look too bad but the leaf contacts that the actuators press down on are all oxidized.

I used a fiberglass brush and some Deoxit to protect from future oxidation. The contacts all look nice and shiny again.

The last part of the electrical work is to change out the lamps for the RPM indicators. We recommend this because during the platter motor stability testing the LED replacement modules resulted in further stability of the motor speed. The RPM indicator lamps are part of the circuit that controls the platter motor. Each speed indicator has a knob to adjust the pitch (speed).

Here is the RPM indicator module with the original incandescent lamps.

Here is the RPM indicator with the Beolover lamp replacement modules.

The Beolover lamp replacement module is designed to work with the pitch control circuit and the SMD LED components used have been adjusted to mix light colors to match the original incandescent lamps.

Here are the 33 and 45 RPM speeds with the new light modules. The control panel buttons operate immediately as they are pressed now.

All of the Beogram functions are operating now. The next step is to check and adjust the Beogram per the service manual. Once those adjustments are made and all the checks pass it will be time to play vinyl again.


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