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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Shipping Back Home

After a couple of weeks of functional testing it is time to pack up this Beomaster 8000 receiver and send it home. I hooked up an FM antenna, a Beocord 9000 and a Beogram 8002 as music sources to the Beomaster. It has been a joy playing the system in my workshop while I clean up to begin work on some new projects.

This Beomaster 8000 unit came to me packed better than any I had received before. The owner had it packed in a custom kübox and filled with special foam padding that was molded to the shape of the beomaster.

Packing it back up was just a matter of putting the Beomaster in a plastic bag then onto the bottom foam mold.

The rest of the side and top mold pieces were added and this box is ready to take to the shipping office.

The shipping place will add some banding straps to the kübox and off the package will go.

I am sure the owner will love this Beomaster 8000 again...as I have for the past few weeks :-).

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