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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beogram 4004 (5526): A New Arrival - First Look

A Beogram 4004 recently arrived for some TLC. It came without a sub-platter and also lacked the arm cover:
The platter showed damages from a cleaning attempt that removed the coating that creates that signature matte look of the B&O brushed aluminum surfaces:
Not much one can do about this except finding a new platter from a donor. Another damaged area is the front left corner of the plinth:
I also found some fragments pointing to degraded transport lock bushings:
A look at the output cable revealed a RCA conversion that needs to be optimized (I recommend to restore the original DIN7 output and use a RCA adapter if RCA is needed to connect to a non-B&O amplifier):
On the positive side, the keypad is in pretty good condition:
I removed the packaging and had a look under the hood:
It seems it is all-original, except that the two screws are missing that hold the tonearm to the carriage:
I also found the plexiglass needle protector from a MMC cartridge lodged in one of the cavities next to the hood screw holes:
I plugged it in, and it showed life signs: After pressing the START key the carriage started moving and it set down at the LP position, which is a good sign. The platter motor made the usual noises indicating dry brass bearings.
In summary, it appears this Beogram 4004 can be restored to its original functionality and beauty if a few parts are procured from a donor unit.

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