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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Beogram 4004 (5526): Installation of A New Output Cable

After replacing the light bulb in the sensor arm with an LED assembly it was time to look into the RCA plug 'conversion' of this Beogram 4004 (5526). This shows the output cable in the condition when I received this Beogram:
Not a very inspiring sight. The blue and yellow leads are the Beolink signal lines that allow controlling the 4004 via a Beomaster 2400. We decided to return this 4004 to its original DIN7 output scheme. Originally the 4004 came with a convertible male DIN7 plug, which can be turned into a standard DIN5 by unscrewing the two pins that are extra in the DIN7 format. This shows a plug as seen on a 4004 I restored a few years ago:
The two outer pins were removed so that the plug essentially acted like a standard DIN5 phono output. Unfortunately, such DIN7 plugs are not available anymore. A solution I came up with is to install female DIN7 plug that has all the signals on it. If extended with a DIN7 cable it turns into a DIN7 male output that will properly work with a Beomaster 2400. Extend it with a DIN5 or a DIN5-to-RCA adapter and a standard non-B&O phono output is achieved.
This shows the female DIN7 plug during the installation:
Note that the leads need to be soldered in a mirrored pattern compared to that applied for a male DIN7 plug, since male-male DIN5 and DIN5-RCA jumper cables mirror the leads for symmetry reasons.

This shows the DIN7 connected to a DIN5-to-RCA jumper cable:
The system ground connection is on a separate wire (not visible on this photo) that it can be connected to the GND terminal of the RCA input amplifier.

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