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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beomaster 6000 (2702) restoration: indicator and power supply circuit

Next in line in this full restoration project is the indicator PCB (stereo, FM signal strength & balance) together with the output power supply circuit. They are connected together with a metal L-frame. 

The first thing I noticed was that the leads of one transistor where not cut off! Or it came out of the factory like that, or someone replaced the transistor and forgot to cut of the leads (more likely...). Anyhow, this is dangerous situation and can lead to short circuits.

I replaced the trimmers with encapsulated ones since this area does collect a lot of dust. I  always check the settings of the trimmers and "copy" the values to the new ones. Obviously, all settings need to be checked again later on during calibration of the unit.

The hard wires between the two PCB's have been replaced with flexible ones. New glass bulbs (12V / 30mA) have been placed as well. One had already a broken wire.

After the output stage restoration, this one was quick and easy !

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