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Friday, January 26, 2018

Beogram 4002 (5513): Replacement of Degraded Transport Lock Bushings and Missing Cabinet Guiding Washers

The Beogram 4002 that I am restoring right now came with the degradation-prone orange transport lock bushings. Furthermore, most of the cabinet guiding washers were lost. A number of Beograms came with plastic washers, which have a tendency to crack and leave the building. This shows one of the locations where the washer was missing:
I installed five new 3D printed washers
This is how they look installed:
It is best to get one printed in black to replace the front-center one. If it is white, it can be seen through the crack between the aluminum panel and the plinth. These replacement washers can be obtained via the Beolover Shapeways Store.
To get to the transport lock bushings one needs to disassemble the locks:
Then the degraded locks can be taken out in pieces. It is a good idea to remove the floating sub-chassis to be able to vacuum out all of the pieces of the degraded locks:
They can impede the floating motion of the sub-chassis if they get lodged beneath it. This photo shows the old bushings and the 3D printed replacements:
Each replacement bushing comes in two parts. One is inserted from the bottom and the other from the top:
These parts are also available via the Beolover Shapeways Store. Once the bushings are installed the chassis can be reinstalled. This shows one of the bushings in place in a reassembled lock:
Almost done with this Beogram...on to replacing the corroded DIN5 plug.

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