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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Beogram 4004 Type 5526: New Damping Material for Tangential Drive Motor

I mentioned in the post about Tangential Drive Work that the drive screw motor on this Beogram seemed to have a lot of play in it. I checked some other Beogram units I have and they have very little to no play. The DC motor feels solid inside its black plastic housing on those other Beogram units. Not so on this one.

I needed to do something about the drive motor before I continue so I took the housing off the motor. Sure enough, the foam damping material was all but disintegrated inside.

No saving or restoring this mess. It needs to go so I gathered up the old foam material for disposal.

There are quite a few options available today for a substitute. I decided to run down to my local RC hobby store and see what they use for motor vibration damping in RC cars, air planes, helicopters and other RC vehicles.
I found a 1/16th inch thick dense foam padding material that is sticky on one side. I cut it to size and applied it as two bands (front and back) around the DC motor. I also put a couple small rectangular pieces on the front and back.

It looks quite good and a test fit proved that it should do a good job.

I re-assembled the motor housing and this Beogram drive transport is ready to put back in the chassis.

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