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Beolover SyncDrive: DC Platter Motor Replacement for Beogram 4002 and 4004 (Type 551x and 552x)

Late Beogram 4002 and the 4004 (Types 551x and 552x), which have DC platter motors instead of the earlier synchronous AC motors usually suff...

Beogram 8000/8002 Restoration

This post discusses preparing a Beogram 8000/8002 for shipment:

Beogram 8000: Packing for Shipment Home

This post discusses how to set up a Beogram after shipment:

Beogram 8000: Unpacking and Preparing for Use

This is a list of some key posts about the restoration of Beogram 8000/8002 series turntables:

This post explains how to open the Beogram 800x up for maintenance:
Beogram 8000: Opening the Beogram to Service Position

Beogram 8002: Adjustments and Some Final Touches

Beogram 8002: Strange Behavior - After PLAY Arm Just Moves 2 cm, Then Stops

Beogram 8000: Replacing the Carriage Belt

Beogram 8000: Replacing the Electrolytic Capacitors

Beogram 8000/8002: Replacing the Motor Phase Capacitor in the Power Brick
This part is available at the Beolover store.

Beogram 8000: Adjusting Horizontal Parallelism

Beogram 8000: Installation of New Rubber Bumpers on the Hood and Beneath the Aluminum Lid

Beogram 8000: Glueing the Aluminum Panels Back On

Beogram 8000: Repair of Broken Off Plastic Tabs on Tonearm Carriage with a 3D Printed Part (I)

Beogram 8000: Repair of Broken Off Plastic Tabs on Tonearm Carriage with a 3D Printed Part (II)

Beogram 8000: Not Responding to Keyboard Input - Not Working Rotary Encoder Feedback

Beogram 8000: Repair of Platter Brake Circuit

Beogram 8002: First Contact, Exchanging the Electrolytic Capacitors and a Lesson About the Importance of Decoupling Capacitors for Microcontrollers

Beogram 8000: Repair of not working (always lowering the arm) record detection circuit 

Beogram 8000: Strange display readings and behaviors caused by an intermittent jumper in the 5V supply.

Beogram 8000: An Exploration of the Platter Speed Sensor (Includes Oscilloscope Traces for the Most Important Signals). This post discusses the different versions of speed sensors found in the Beogram 8000 and their implications when exchanging main boards between Beograms.
Another great post regarding this topic can be found here.

Beogram 8002: Repairing a particularly troublesome dust cover. This post discusses a variety of aspects of dustcover repairs.

Beogram 8000: Workshop Test Unit.  This post shows the key control signals of the Beogram 8000 turntable on an oscilloscope.

Beogram 8000: Testing Microcomputer Devices.  This post shows testing uC ICs for the Beogram 8000 using the Workshop Test Unit PCB 2 with a 40 pin quick connect/disconnect connector.

Beogram 8000: A look at the Beogram 8000 platter speed sensors.  This post looks at the two types of speed sensor assemblies B&O used on the Beogram 8000.  The companion post here shows options in replacing the Beogram 8000 platter speed sensor.


  1. Hi
    I have a Beogram 4002, and would be interrested in the LED replacement for RPM lamps, and the RPM measurement device (will it work for all Beograms?). Could you please give me the prices and delivory time?
    Thank you in advance, and regards Palle Hansen

  2. Thanks a bunch for all you did for me. This site was right on!!! I had a beogram 8002 that was giving to me. The turntable did not power up. I found many thing wrong and little by little thing started to work. Thanks again.


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