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Monday, July 27, 2020

Beomaster 4400 Type 2419: Personal Project: Reassembled and Ready for Listening Tests

I decided I would reassemble this Beomaster 4400 and start performing some listening tests with it before I do any performance testing and before I complete the cosmetic restorations.

The reason for that is I want to get my second Beomaster 4400 started and completed as soon as possible...while the soldering iron is hot :-).  That way I can test and compare both units together.

The second Beomaster will also require a little bit of cosmetic repairs.

First though I must fix the power on lamp on this Beomaster unit.
Here is the power on lamp assembly housing. I is a black plastic lamp housing that fits onto a metal bayonet that is part of the lamp lens inside the front of the cabinet. It just pulls off the bayonet for access to change the lamp.

The lamps fit really tight inside the housing to it takes some careful pulling to remove one.

Once the lamp was replaced the power on lamp worked again as well as the radicator lamp.
That makes sense as the power for the radicator lamp comes through the power on lamp.

Moving forward with the reassembly I installed new cabinet feet on the Beomaster cabinet bottom cover.  These Beomaster 4400 cabinet feet are usually rusty and flat.

On this Beomaster the feet are a little smashed down and one foot is missing. No rust though. That is a welcome site.

The replacement feet are much better and have a metal tube for the screw so the rubber doesn't get flattened out if somebody over torques the mounting screw.

I reattached the front slider control bar then the bottom plate and the top cover. This Beomaster is ready for some listening tests.

After I recap and change trimmers in the second Beomaster 4400 I will return and do some cosmetic touch ups on this one. The rosewood cabinet looks nice in the photos but the finish is a little dull. Plus there is the small chip on the left side. I also need to order a cover plate for the FM preset tuning dials. I can get that from Martin Olsen's Beoparts store.

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