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Friday, July 31, 2020

Beogram 4002 Type 5513: Return to the workbench for a new phono cartridge mount - Conclusion

The new Beolover replacement phono cartridge mount is installed now in this Beogram 4002 Type 5513 turntable.

This type of restoration is always fun. My very first collaboration with Beolover was on one of my Beogram 4000 turntables where we decided there needed to be a replacement phono connector so the repair didn't have to use a donor Beogram. Since Beolover created this phono connector part it has saved many a Beogram turntable I am sure.

Certainly this Beogram 4002 Type 5513.

Here are the components again -

I like to replace the phono wires on this type of repair. I use color coded 36 awg wires.

Preparation for the repair means tinning the leads of the new wires and the connector assembly contacts.

I start with the two inside wires and finish with the outside wires.

Note that the bottom part of the Beogram phono connector assembly reuses the original connector part.

Before I join the two halves of the phono connector I use a some Aleene's Tacky glue to hold the wires in place and act as kind of a strain relief while I work on the repair.

This is why you keep old MMC phono cartridges...even if the the cantilever and stylus are gone.
They are perfect for this repair in making sure the phono cartridge assembly is put together correctly and inserted just right into the tone arm. Aleene's Tacky glue is used again on the joining of the two phono connector halves.

I also use a little more of the Aleene's Tacky glue inside the tonearm when I reinsert the phono connector assembly.  That insures the phono connector is secure but it could still be taken out again in the future. You don't want to use something permanent like epoxy here.

Now I just had to connect the phono wires to the signal transfer board and this repair will be done.

That concludes the Beogram 4002 Type 5513 phono cartridge connector repair.

Because this repair required so much handling of the tonearm I will have to go through all of the service manual tonearm adjustments again to make sure this Beogram is ready for use again.

Hopefully most of the components will still be adjusted correctly but they still have to be checked.

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